Floor cleaner for cleaning bathroom tiles

How to Disinfect Your Bathroom Floor Properly


1. Sweep the floor

Cleaning your bathroom floor always starts with one step – sweeping it. Doing so will allow you to get rid of any accumulated dust, thereby making it a lot easier to clean afterwards. Sweep along your bathroom’s edges and collect any dust and dirt on a dustpan. Don’t forget to include the base of your toilet where dust often collects.

2. Apply a cleaner

There are a variety of bathroom floor disinfectants in the market. Not only will they help clean your bathroom floor, they also work effectively to remove any harmful bacteria or mould that could be present. It will still require manual cleaning, but applying them before you start scrubbing can actually help a lot.

3. Start scrubbing

Once you’re done with the disinfecting process, proceed to scrub using a scrubber. You can use a hard brush to do so, but if you want to effectively remove any hard-to-remove dirt, using a floor cleaning equipment such as the Duplex Lithium is recommended. Not only will it help remove any dirt and bacteria on your bathroom floor, it can also clean hard-to-reach areas on your bathroom and even in the space between your tiles. Additionally, it allows you to control how much water you want to apply on the floor, thereby preventing any water waste.

4. Dry your floors

Lastly, you want to dry your floors to make them spotlessly clean and sparkling. You can use towels to complete the process, or just simply use the Duplex Lithium’s drying system to do it for you. Once you’re done, you can have a clean, germ-free, and polished bathroom floor once again.

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