Duplex Lithium Hybrid the battery operated, cordless floor cleaner with Hybrid Electrix

Meet the Duplex Lithium Hybrid

Duplex Lithium Hybrid is the FIRST of its generation that packs more power and versatility with dual power options, bringing the best of both worlds for cleaning floors!

All you need is just one versatile cordless and battery-powered machine to meet all your floor cleaning needs. From tiles to carpet to wooden floors, the Duplex Lithium Hybrid can efficiently clean all types of floors in one single pass, without cables or mess. 

Duplex Lithium EvolveWhat makes Duplex Lithium Hybrid stand out from its competitors?

Interchangeable power between Lithium DC battery and 240V Hybrid Electrix cable

Mechanical agitation for faster cleaning and drying time

Unique brush design to clean right to the wall and sharp edges

Cleans and disinfects all floor surfaces from carpets to tile grouts

New Lithium-ion Pro Battery allows up to 1 hour of cleaning time

Lithium Hybrid Technology

Duplex Lithium Hybrid Technology


Cord Power

Ultra Compact

Ultra Compact


Battery powered

Multi Surfaces

Multi Surfaces

Innovative Design

Innovative Design

Eco Friendly

Eco Friendly



High Quality

High Quality

Replace traditional cleaning methods with Duplex Lithium Hybrid

Are you tired of old labour-intensive cleaning methods?

Duplex Lithium Hybrid is up to 3 times faster with better quality results than traditional cleaning methods with mop and buckets.
Traditional cleaning methods
Heavy duty floor cleaning with effective brushes

Heavy Duty Scrubbing

The Duplex Lithium Hybrid features a high-speed twin-brush scrubbing system. The two counter-rotating brushes provide a smooth experience and allow you to control the machine with one hand. The exclusive patented design creates a squeegee barrier to minimise water flooding during floor cleaning
Simplified Operation

Simplified Operation

The machine has a built-in floor profiling selector which allows you to clean different flooring surfaces. In addition, Lithium Hybrid provides easy installation of the battery unit in an instant snap, as it is a detachable unit.
Easy refilling water into the tank

Easy Tank Refill

The dual water tanks make it easy to re-fill the water, even when the machine is in a stationary position. The tanks are capable to hold 4 Litres of water.

More Powerful and Cordless, Lithium-powered Cleaning Technology


Duplex Lithium Hybrid features a Lite and Pro battery unit that can be attached and detached in a single snap, which produces more powerful cordless cleaning.

Lite batteries run for 35 minutes and Pro batteries run for 1 hour

Hybrid Electrix, Convertible Technology


The optional addition of Hybrid Electrix allows you to transform the Duplex Lithium Hybrid into the Lithium Hybrid Steam to clean and disinfect the floor surface, giving an even more thorough cleaning.

Steam Penetrates Deep into Pores


With the optional steam kit, the Duplex Lithium Hybrid can penetrate deep into pores of the surface, degreasing and removing hidden dust, germs and stubborn stains.

More Versatile, Cleans All types of Floors


Duplex Lithium Hybrid can effortlessly and seamlessly clean in a single continuous pass on all floor types, especially effective in cleaning tile grouts and non-slip floors.

More versatile and efficient than conventional cleaning methods.

More Manouverable, Featherlight Operation


The compact design and contra-rotating brushes result in feather-light, single-handed operation and manoeuvrability that is unequalled.

In addition, you can also flip and spin the machine with ease.

More Effective - Cleans to the Very Edge


The unique offset brush design and two-way handle allow more effective cleaning to the very edge where the floor meets the wall.

Patented Weight Reduction System


The Duplex Lithium Hybrid features Weight Reduction System (WRS) which makes moving and handling the Duplex more featherlight and easier to manoeuvre.

Heart of the Duplex: Dual Conveyor Belt & Brush Pick-up


Duplex's remarkable performance is the result of the unique 800,000 bristles, strategically placed across contra-rotating brushes rotating at 4 meters per second, which actively lift dirt, water and grime from the floor surface. More efficient, more hygienic and less effort.

Dual Water Tanks


The Duplex system delivers only clean liquid onto the floor surface, unlike a mop and bucket which can leave a grimy surface film - and it's more than twice as fast!

Water tanks are easily accessible and removable for fast refilling.

Fingertip Control


The ergonomically designed Duplex handle incorporates a cleaning solution trigger which, under fingertip pressure, releases cleaning solution uniformly along both agitator brushes to begin the cleaning cycle.

Instant Switches for Cleaning and Floor Types


Duplex features simple recessed controls for instant adjustment to a variety of floor surfaces. At the flick of a switch, Duplex will allow you to "Scrub Down" solution, thoroughly agitating the cleaning liquid, before flicking back to "Pick-Up" to complete the clean and dry operation.

Technical Specifications


Duplex Lithium Hybrid 340

Duplex Lithium Hybrid 420

Width (mm) 340 mm 420 mm
Length (mm) 430 mm 430 mm
Height (mm) 240 mm 240 mm
Weight empty (kg) 22 kg 28 kg
Clean solution capacity (litres) 4.2 litres 6 litres
Recovery tank capacity (litre) 2.8 litres 3.5 litres
Coverage 900 sq m2/h 1000 sq m2/h
Max brush pressure 26 kg 32 kg
Litres per metre 4,2 litres per 180 m2 5,4 litres per 350 m2
Max power (W) 500 W 500 W
Cleaning solution tanks 2 tanks 2 tanks
Cleaning direction Forward and reverse Forward and reverse


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