The Latest Hospital Floor Cleaning Technology

Are you looking for the most effective, economical and safe cleaning equipment for keeping your hospital floor neat, tidy and sanitised? You may have heard about our latest floor cleaning equipment, the Duplex Lithium Evolve, which helps hospitals and health care facilities to keep their floors clean, sterile and free of germs and infections.

How to deep clean a greasy restaurant floor

Cleaning a greasy restaurant floor is not only physically demanding, it’s also often done ineffectively due to poor cleaning techniques. If left improperly attended, it can lead to residual grease build-up, which can be a hazard to both your crew members’ health and safety. To prevent this from happening, here are some tips you want to follow:

kitchen floor cleaner

Are you tired of your dingy, greasy kitchen floors, no matter how hard you scrub them? Well, the problem might be your tools. Are you still using the homemade cleaning recipes or harmful but ineffective chemicals to scrap those stubborn grease and dirt marks that just won’t go? Or are you manually mopping and scrubbing your entire kitchen floors with a bucket of water and an old mop, and still not satisfied with the results even after a half-day long hard work?

Floor Cleaning Technologies

Back in the day, vacuum cleaners and mops were the go-to equipment for dealing with dirty and messy floors, especially on the bathroom. Nowadays, advancements in technologies paved the way towards innovative floor cleaning solutions.

Let’s take a look at three of the revolutionary floor cleaning technologies you can find in the market.


Cordless battery powered cleaner for cleaning bathroom tiles and floors

Your bathroom floor requires cleaning on a regular basis. However, in some cases, it will require a more thorough sanitising, especially if too much dirt starts sticking on every corner and crevice. Since it’s one of the most used areas in your house, regular proper cleaning is no doubt important. Here are a few tips how:

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