Five reasons to become a Duplex Lithium distributor


5 reasons to be a Duplex lithium distributor


Here are the five reasons on why you should consider becoming a Duplex Lithium distributor for a brand new product line from Duplex, which combines design innovation and steam technology.  A battery-powered, cordless floor cleaning machinery with ergonomic features for commercial use. Gain business insights from Duplex Cleaning Machines, reap the benefits of owning the distributorship and adopt a straightforward business model that has proven itself in many regions over the years, which has been used by respective distributors.


Becoming Duplex Lithium Distributor providing sales of portable floor machines

1 – The possibility is endless and the business model applies to various industries with a low investment cost.

Our business model allows you to work across diverse industries such as healthcare, hospitality, food and beverage, education, automotive, and many untapped markets. The best part is the start-up cost is low, and the business is backed by quality cordless battery-powered floor cleaning machines that you will acquire.


2 – A reputable Duplex brand that adopts the state-of-the-art, innovative portable floor cleaning machine

With over 28 years of experience, Duplex Cleaning Machines prides in distributing quality Italian products to key industries across Australia. To grow the brand, we are now recruiting new distributors to promote our latest cordless machine, Duplex Lithium that uses a Lithium battery and bi-directional floor cleaning technology.


3 – An evergreen business that would last for decades

The growing market for the green cleaning business requires disinfection and sterilisation for diverse industries without the use of chemicals. The innovation of the Lithium cordless machinery as the first of its kind fulfilled the need for ergonomic and eco-friendly machine utilising steam vapour technology. Duplex cares for the environment and cleaners by providing the floor scrubbers and floor steamers in all sorts of applications.


4 – Emerging industries that create jobs in many sectors

The insight data from Australian statistics has shown that the aged care is one of the fastest growing sectors as the nation is ageing, prompting the emphasis to provide chemical-free, floor cleaning equipment for disinfection and cleaning in many operational residential aged care centres across the country. Duplex is now inviting retail cleaning supplies, the experienced salespeople that love to go to the market to perform product demonstration and business-minded partners seeking new business opportunity to extend their line of services. Talk to our friendly representative to see how you can start your new enterprise with us.


5 – Extensive Support from Duplex Cleaning Machines

Duplex provides extensive product training, technical knowledge and the know-how, guidelines and online courseware to get you started in becoming our new distributors. Enquire about this opportunity today by completing the form below and make the change in 2019.


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