The Latest Hospital Floor Cleaning Technology

Are you looking for the most effective, economical and safe cleaning equipment for keeping your hospital floor neat, tidy and sanitised? You may have heard about our latest floor cleaning equipment, the Duplex Lithium Evolve, which helps hospitals and health care facilities to keep their floors clean, sterile and free of germs and infections.

While cleaning can make or break the patient’s impression of the hospital, the cleaning regime can be quite arduous and time-consuming. Hospitals are busy, chaotic places that need constant cleaning on a regular basis. Since hospitals are dedicated to providing people with health care services, it is important to keep up with cleaning technology, sterilisation and disinfection on a regular basis. With the operation theatres, critical care units, patient rooms and lounges to clean, the flooring is often overlooked as the non-critical item. However, it is very important to keep hospital floors clean, sanitised and disinfected in order to ensure a total cleanliness and decontamination across the facility. Germs and diseases can spread quickly on the frequently contacted surfaces such as hospital floors.

hospital corridor floor cleaner equipmentHygiene is the number one priority in any hospital or healthcare facility. Cleanliness and sanitation in the hospital environment are paramount to avoiding cross contamination. Manual cleaning, slippery surfaces due to the use of traditional mops and the application of hazardous cleaning chemicals can be harmful to patients' health. Therefore, we never recommend these outdated cleaning practices to the hospital staff and management team. Our versatile Lithium Evolve floor scrubber, on the other hand, is an advanced floor cleaning machine that is suitable for carpet, parquetry, tile, timber and concrete. At Duplex, we understand the unique nature of hospital cleanliness and hygiene requirements, which is why our Lithium Evolve scrubber is specially designed to ensure round-the-clock immaculate hygiene and sterile neatness in all kinds of floors.

The Lithium Evolve is portable, lightweight and durable, with long-lasting rechargeable batteries. It has a compact and cordless body. The unrivalled design allows the operator to clean, scrub and dry all types of flooring in a single pass! It is efficient, fast and a lot less time consuming than both manual cleaning and scrubbing with traditional mops and bacteria-harbouring buckets. The Duplex Lithium Evolve is a complete dirt pick-up system and a versatile 3-in-1 floor cleaner that not only ensures 100% germ-free hospital floors, it also improves the overall hospital floor appearance by keeping them dirt free, stain free and refreshingly neat.

Considering that hospital floors can be breeding grounds for dangerous bacteria, pathogens and germs, you need something as powerful and efficient as the Duplex Lithium Evolve to help prevent critical diseases and infections from spreading in the facility. For that, you need a solid floor scrubber like the Duplex Lithium Evolve which is handy and easy to use as it needs no wires. You are in control of the Lithium Evolve to clean your hospital floors right to the very edge, in every corner and around objects. It is extremely hygienic and economical - as the built-in water tank is for easy filling, the triple-action battery allows you to control the amount of water that is fed onto the floor and the dirty water is transported directly into the recovery tanks from the floor.

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