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The Most Effective Way of Cleaning Kitchen Floors

Are you tired of your dingy, greasy kitchen floors, no matter how hard you scrub them? Well, the problem might be your tools. Are you still using the homemade cleaning recipes or harmful but ineffective chemicals to scrap those stubborn grease and dirt marks that just won’t go? Or are you manually mopping and scrubbing your entire kitchen floors with a bucket of water and an old mop, and still not satisfied with the results even after a half-day long hard work?


Say goodbye to stubborn stains and marks on your kitchen floors by making these flooring surfaces germ-free, and hygienic with our powerful, yet compact, Duplex Lithium Evolve floor cleaner. Built with the power and sophistication of a commercial floor scrubber but designed for smaller environments, the Lithium Evolve by Duplex is a state-of-the-art, portable and lightweight floor scrubber that is highly suitable for all kinds of kitchen floors from tiles to marble. This efficient, 3-in-1 revolutionary floor scrubber replaces chemicals, polishers, mops and vacuums. It removes all types of kitchen stains, marks and dirt on the floors. With the simple operation of the Duplex Lithium Evolve, cleaning your kitchen floor will be faster, easier and far more effortless than anything you have ever tried!

This portable floor machine is highly user-friendly and ergonomic to use, even for a lightest female or male operator. There are no cords involved so no restrictions on the movement of the scrubber anywhere without barriers and obstacles around the operator. It comes with a lightweight battery, which means that you as the user are in complete control of cordless cleaning and take your Lithium Evolve anywhere you want to go! The Lithium Evolve’s battery is long-lasting and rechargeable. For instance, a single charge will give you an hour-long, uninterrupted cleaning while enhancing your productivity, efficiency and cleanliness.

At Duplex Lithium, we know that kitchen floors can be the trickiest surface to clean. The stains are tougher than any other part of the house, the corners might be holding tiny specks of dust and grime while germs are lurking everywhere which cannot be cleaned thoroughly with ordinary chemicals, traditional mops and even conventional vacuum cleaners. You need something versatile which is specifically built for the tough kitchen floors that are notorious to clean on a regular basis. With the Duplex Lithium Evolve compact floor scrubber, there is no need to spend on multiple products such as mops, chemicals and disinfectants. The Duplex Lithium Evolve is a versatile floor cleaner and scrubber with triple dirt pick-up system and 3-in-1 function: sweep, wash and dry. All you need to do is simply switch on your own Lithium Evolve, then wash, scrub and dry all types of kitchen floors in a single pass!

With the Lithium Evolve floor cleaner, you will be able to save your time, money and space. It is truly sleek, smart and dynamic. You don’t need to dedicate a whole lot of space to store dangerous chemical containers, ugly-looking mops and bacteria-harbouring buckets in your kitchen. To put it simply, the Lithium Evolve only needs a minimum of space to clean in less time and is a complete triple system that does the washing, scrubbing and drying in one package. There is also no danger of flooding or excessive water waste with the Duplex Lithium Evolve, as it allows you to control the amount of water that is emitted on to the floor as well as it permits you to vacuum the waste and spills away from the floor.

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