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Latest Floor Cleaning Technologies in the Market

Back in the day, vacuum cleaners and mops were the go-to equipment for dealing with dirty and messy floors, especially on the bathroom. Nowadays, advancements in technologies paved the way towards innovative floor cleaning solutions.

Let’s take a look at three of the revolutionary floor cleaning technologies you can find in the market.



1. Cleaning Robots

Ever since their introduction a few years ago, cleaning robots have certainly come a very long way. Effective and hassle-free, these cleaning robots allow better cleaning on both carpet and hard surfaces with little attention required on your end. They take care of the entire cleaning process, and all you have to do is simply empty the storage bin every once in a while.

2. No-Loss Suction Cleaners

Vacuum cleaners back in the day were only as effective as their suction allows. Most vacuums have areas where air can easily leak, thereby reducing their suction power which resulted in less effective cleaning.

Nowadays, no-loss suction cleaners are introduced as a solution to the problem. Not only do they offer excellent cleaning efficiency, they also have lower electricity use and operate more quietly.

3. Duplex Lithium Evolve Cleaner

The Duplex Lithium Evolve floor cleaner is a new cleaning solution that could prove to be a definite game changer. It’s a compact battery-powered floor scrubber that could change the way you scrub or clean your floors. Albeit a newcomer to the market, it comes with tons of amazing features that will help you clean your flooring with ease.

It’s cordless, portable, and extremely versatile. It’s designed to be used on all types of flooring whether commercial, industrial, or residential. Also, its dual design feature means it doubles as a floor cleaner and scrubber at the same time.

Final Notes

While floor cleaning still remains to be a chore, the introduction of these innovative cleaning technologies greatly minimizes the hassle and effort required to do so. Also, it’s only a matter of time before we can get to see some newer technologies that will make manual floor cleaning a thing of the past.

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