Innovative Cleaning Equipment – More Effective, Less Effort

We may categorise the cleaning equipment into two kinds:

  1. The traditional cleaning equipment
  2. The next generation & advanced cleaning equipment


1. Traditional cleaning equipment:

  • Manual cleaning equipment: Microfiber cloth, abrasives, brushes, dusters, brooms, mops, buckets, dustpans etc. 
  • Electric sweeper: Contains the friction brush and very useful to clean your floor and carpets.
  • Scrubber: Uncarpeted and washable areas containing sticky glue can be removed easily.
  • Vacuum cleaner: Surely the most commonly used equipment around the world among the cleaning equipment for its smooth and flexible operation.
  • Vapour machine: Most effective equipment among the traditional cleaning equipment to get a complete cleaning environment. This machine is perfect to remove the old stains and bed bugs.


2. The next generation & advanced cleaning equipment:

Duplex Lithium Evolve is one of the most advanced machines among the next generation cleaning equipment. Let’s have a look on the features of this machine for you:

  • Flexibility: It is usable for all kind of floors or surfaces.
  • Easily moveable: This machine contains the portable feature.
  • Environment-friendly: It is a chemical, bleach and other harmful detergents free cleaning machine which is eco friendly.
  • Residential to industrial: It is suitable to use everywhere like- hospitals, cars, households and commercial buildings.
  • User-friendly: No cords & no restrictions. Perfect to use from kitchen to bathroom.
  • All in one: Clean, scrub and dry, you will get all in one machine.

This advanced cleaning machine will not only clean your surface properly, but also care your health along with the environment. Most importantly, from the light cleaning at your home to the heavy cleaning of the industry, modern cleaning equipment like Duplex Lithium Evolve is designed for all.

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